Course size: 18M x 11M width
7 players per team roster (can include more but only 7 included event shirts provided).
19U/Open/Masters divisions will have 3 field players and a goalkeeper.

16U/14U/12U will have 4 field players and a goalkeeper.
Age determination is August 1 of the current year-play your JO teams if you wish!

This is a fast-moving finesse game where nearly any contact is a foul and referees are selected who favor that style normally.

Caps are replaced immediately however players are instructed not to move while a cap is put back on.

Live time substitution from defensive half, direct shot after foul outside 5 meters, direct shot also allowed from corner throw, exclusions touch either defensive corner and return to play immediately, any foul committed before excluded player touches corner results in 5-meter penalty.

Personal fouls are not recorded, however two-hand fouls are exclusions. 

First team to score 5 goals wins that game, the first team to win 3 games wins that match.

Matches times are 20 to 30 minutes of straight play with 5 minutes between to transition into the next match. This equates to 5 to 7 minute quarters of traditional water polo but without all of the stoppages!

If match time expires before match has ended then the team ahead wins the current game. If the current game is tied then a penalty shootout of 3 shots per team will decide that game. If the match is tied then a final penalty shootout of 3 shots per team will decide the match.

When deciding matches after match time has expired, match will be decided when a team is leading by one game – three games do not need to be completed.

If the match has a 3 game winner prior to the allotted time, then teams will play exhibition scrimmages until match period has ended, leaving 5 minutes for next teams to transition into the next match.