This marvelous event was founded by visionary Robert Lynn in the early 2000’s when he was club director of Shore Aquatics. After a couple of years with a few number of entries, Robert approached Nick Baba and Kahuna Events (DBA of Irvine Youth Water Polo Corporation 501(c)3) in 2007 to develop and grow the event.

Each year since then the event has set record after record in its growth, as the event was developed using modified rules to keep the participants safe and to stay on a time schedule, all while having an enjoyable experience that most would agree as the most fun anyone can have at a water polo event!

Modifications to event equipment are improved each year while being mindful of the anomaly seahorse habitat below the courses which has flourished coincidentally with the growth of this event!

Now with FINA adding Beach Water Polo as an Olympic event, more and more will come to enjoy this sport in its nontraditional environment adding to all those who have enjoyed and participated in this event over the past 15 years!

This event is strategically calendared after the fierce club competition ends in the Summer, and before the fierce scholastic competition begins in the Fall, making it the perfect time to enjoy the sport without the pressures of the other competitions and their traditional poolside setting.

The City of Long Beach Safety personnel are showcased in an exhibition game on Saturday around 5pm each year between the Long Beach Fire Department and the Long Beach Police Department to thank them for their service and to tie the event into the community.

Speaking of Long Beach Community, Robert Lynn was born and raised in Long Beach, played at USC and on the US Men’s National Team, Assistant Coached US Men’s Silver Medalist Olympic team. Nick Baba played over 12 years for Beach Polo Club with Matt Gruniesen, Long Beach Deputy Fire Chief, and played with Patrick West, Long Beach City Manager, for 4 years garnering 4 NCAA 2nd Place finishes at UCI. Nick also played on the Men’s National team for 5 years under Long Beach coaches Monte Nitskowski and Ken Lindgren and holds several Club National Championship titles, over a dozen Masters Nationals titles, and three World Masters Titles. 

This event offers opportunities for all ages 10 and above, including the highest levels and Masters athletes. Many Olympians participate in this event each year with smiles everywhere!

You owe it to yourself to experience playing and/or watching this event to see how much fun water polo can be…it does not get any more fun than this!